I don’t know how to explain
Tell you what I try to gain
Through endless connection
Hoping to find redemption
Dreaming of losing my heart
To someone with a fresh start

How do I put into words
soul cries to be loved
I run and hide
my fragile side

How do I sing about the longing
Of 2 minds and heats as one
A companion to join
This race to the sun

Not scared of the heat
Or to get blinded
Challenged by all fears
Fighting through with tears

How do I convince you
my intentions are true
I don’t know how to be
Alone with me

With nothing but silence
The internal ongoing violence

These words only ink on paper
Light and fading sun rays

May the memory of my touch
Last forever

Hold my smile in your shining eyes
Keep me alive in your laugh

I was meant to share
To be there and care

The End

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