just writing somethings that are on my mind

I am seeking a thought as if tomorrow will never come
I am asking for a hand from old friends that i have wronged
I am determined to get better at what I cannot change from the past
For this is my call for Redemption even if no one can see this

I cannot forsee the challenges that i have faced and those soon to be
But I will hold my head high and look toward the future and never let others down
I will fight for the friends i have still even if they cannot see
For Redemption is hard to fill when you feel your doing it alone

If I could return to my past and correct all that was wrong I dont think i'd be the same
For this is the call for everyone feeling like their alone and fighting a lost cause
I am here to aid you in the healing for i have been struggling just as well
Let the World of Redemption be filled with those wanting it the most

The End

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