Redeem For You



[Verse 1]:

Baby, please try not to walk out that door

I admit I was wrong

I never meant to even hurt you

Misguided, I am ashamed for what I have done

Hate me for what I had become

But I never want to lose you again



Looking back on the actions I’ve done

Have the words I have said running around me

I was trying to be someone

I only kept you in the dark

Let me show you how I will redeem myself for you


[Verse 2]:

My love, my life

When I see our shadows on the pavement

I see a happy couple

Never felt the coldness until I only saw my shadow

The loneliness you left me with

I experienced briefly what my world was like without you

Please don’t ever put me through hell again




[Verse 3]:

I get, after my confession, the courage to no longer hide

I now know with you, where to start

I’m pouring my heart for you

Make me smile again

Pretending is perfect but it has guilt to it

With you, it’s perfect and I have more than love




Redeem myself for you

Only you


The End

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