Red, White, and Doom

Just a taste of reality for the people living in the U.S. Yeah, this is what your country has come to.

Fill your lungs with ice-cold air,

Taste the hatred burning there,

Feel the hate’s growing power,

Blooming like a death-bound flower.

Greed, greed, evermore,

Even with the street’s new whore,

Lustful, sinful needs are served

No one quite meets the curve.

Lying cheating, nothing’s true,

Not even the baby new,

With three fathers he’s got luck,

Baby has a face his mother struck.

Gambling, drinking lives away

All for keeps, not for play.

Watch our leaders, so empowered

As they turn our country sour,

Red’s for the blood, blue’s for the true

No it’s black for the lies they spew,

White’s for the innocence we once knew,

All is gone in our minds askew.

Now we burn, our screams devoured

As you play in above-ground flowers,

So watch your back, we now scorn,

You’re next in line, in hell we burn.

The End

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