Red Pain

This was based on the pain I felt after a few surgeries I had

It grew within my bones,

my insides  were itching with flames

I could have died from the medication

but it sure killed the pain

I wanted more meds, but I had to abstain

I wasn’t getting better,

I was getting bitter.


I sat alone in all my

 Red pain.


“red in the morning, sailors take warning”

Take warning that it won’t be pleasant

Look forward to being absent,

But should you be absent for too long

The world will go on without you, it never waits

So you best abate

the pain before it grows too strong



`It was much too late for

That I knew

The Red pain had gone all wrong

The Red pain could no longer be subdued

The Red pain had blued.


It is said that when a flame is blue it is at its hottest

But I no longer felt the pain

Maybe my insides were too burned

And all my nerves drained


I could no longer be hurt

For I was on the dirt

Wallowing in self pity

Acting as if I was bitty


Soon enough the pain died


My burns healed

And all I had left was the memory of

Red Pain.

The End

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