Red Jacket, Indian Warrior, 1805

Reworking of a speech by the Native American chief, Red Jacket, who was very eloquent about how the relationship with the White Man had been unequal. Reminds me of Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves.

Brother, the Great Spirit has willed we meet this day.

He has taken His garment from before the sun

And caused it to shine with brightness upon us.


There was a time when the seats of our forefathers

Extended from the rising to the setting sun.

The Great Spirit made the plains for the use of Indians:

Buffalo and deer he created for our meat, the bear and the beaver

For our clothing, scattered like corn for our bread.

All this He did for His red children because He loved us.


But an evil day came upon us. Your forefathers crossed

The great water. They found friends in us. They asked for a seat.

We took pity on them, and they sat down among us.

We gave them corn and meat; they gave us poison in return.

Yet we did not fear them. We took them to be friends.

They called us brothers. We believed them.


Brother, there was a time when our seats were large

And yours were small. Now you fill the plains

And we have scarcely a place to spread our blankets.

The End

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