Red Eyes

This is about my sister doing drugs



You tell me to close my eyes.

By watching I am apart of the crime,

Which fills my head with wonderings of why

I don’t take part and be a team player,

So that I am with you.

You knew that I had a role in it all,

And you waited for me to chose a side,

Watching as I closed my eyes,

You are the witness to another crime.

Maybe if I cannot see any wrongdoing

Then no one can see mine,

And if you are numb to feelings

Then no one can feel hurt.

I am invisible, just another particle

Among the many that pollute the air we share,

Because I am no hero and I am not


You would’ve opened your eyes

Especially if I told you not to-

That is why I wish we could switch lies,

So that I can have your rush,

And so you can rush to my side-

Letting emotion enter the two machines

That are currently conducting the crimes.

I will think this as I close my eyes.

The End

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