Red Dirt Woman

An androgynous experiment

I fell in love with a red dirt woman,

An olive-colored Grecian girl

With silken, silty coffee hair,

And skin like Grecian pearl.


She smelled of leather and of chocolate,

A darkly-spiced, heavy, heady scent

That worked to drive me to distraction,

So to distraction I willingly went.


A voice like thick milk, cool and smooth,

Washes me over still – over and over,

And cinnamon fades over pearl shades,

Through coarse hands cupping coarse clover.


She sees the world through mahogany eyes,

Set with mud-rubies, polished and wet,

Murky lenses that show her our world…

I could drink them in, through an eyelash net.

My emerald-cut woman; my red dirt girl;

Take me away, beneath a red dirt world.

The End

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