Red Canvas

We were walking along the shore,

holding hands, talking,

I wanted to stop, but went on for more,

I ran to catch you up, you were speed-walking,

We had a game of tig,

And when we were tired out,

We sat down for a picnic,

And looked out to the horizon, far out,

Those were the days when I loved you,

And no doubt you loved me back,

Then it ended - that was true,

It seemed like pitch-black,

You would hit me and be mean,

Get drunk and started to cheat,

Only to cause a scene,

I was in defeat,

That night, that one night,

When I went up to your room,

To see if you were alright,

I found my day of doom,

You creapt from behind the door,

A look of horror upon your face,

And I knife in your claw,

You pounced on me with grace,

I tried to coward back,

It was then I noticed the blank canvas,

You were to fast for me,

Then, the canvas was priceless,

I felt a sudden pain,

reacurring on my body,

Everything went black and then the white light came,

My life was on the line,

The red on the blank canvas was mine.

The End

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