It's about the colour red


Such a lovely colour

It’s the colour of romance

It’s the colour of murder

Red apples are good for you

Red blood is vital for you

Strawberries, cherries, cranberries and raspberries are nice too

A knife stained with red could mean anything

Crimson and scarlet are pretty colours

But nothing can beat red

Red roses are lovely

Without the bloody stalks and thorns

Red means danger, don’t touch

Red is the colour of your nose when you’re ill

Red is the colour of my cheeks when I’m feeling shy

Red tomatoes are crushed to make ketchup for your burgers and chips

Red signifies fire with orange and yellow

Red is a fast blur going down the road to save lives

Red implies my secret hot passion

Red would be that fireman coming to save my life and whisking me off my feet

Red is the sunset I watch before I go to bed

I love you, red

The End

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