It's a list poem, centered around the color red. (Random things that come to mind when thinking of this extraordinary color.) Perhaps I didn't get them all? Feel free to add on to mine.

Red is

a rose blooming in the spring

a child's rash caused by a simple bee sting

it's wild

it's bright

it's outta-sight!

it's the bow tied to a chocolate box

the first color you see in a coloring box

it's a blistery burn, bleeding and gushing

it's my cheeks when I am blushing

it's a pair of fancy high heeled shoes

it's a young son being abused

how about a mother's lipstick

the color of my throat when I am sick

a slinky red dress to wear when your clubbing

marks on your skin from where you've been scrubbing

a valentine signed with love

from that person that you always think of

a stitched in patch, new on a quilt

a thirsty flower about to wilt

a hood on a fairytale creature

a delicious apple for a fabulous teacher

the color of fresh, unwashed strawberries

the wings of floating, fictional faeries


The End

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