These soft, white and black keys, no longer exist as themselves,
For I remember them as you lips, your face.
Tracing along your perfect features, I shudder and come to a halt.
I slowly let my eyelids slide shut, and press gently down upon this Piano, recalling perfectly our song; the piece I have played for you a million times.
My fingers start to flow, and a tear drop starts crawls down my face.
As this beautiful melody becomes more intense, sobs, jagged and course, force themselves through me.
I cannot stop these tears any longer, and they rapidly become rivers, flowing down my cheeks, washing away the memories of your kisses.
My heart rate intensifies, and floating, twisted and far off, your laughter rings, coupled with the sweet calling of my name.
A green field, dotted with the buttercups and daisies of Spring.
Your warm smile overtakes my vision, your face becomes all I know, save for the keys in front of me, and this glorious, sweet melody.
Where did you fade to, my belle, my dear lover?
My heart is failing; its beat has no essence.
It is almost as if you were here with me, now,
These memories, posing as an insubstantial you.
But I know you are gone,
The pain shall forever lie in my soul.

The End

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