reciprocal love boats

It's called a relationship

because it's reciprocal, 

like inverting a fraction in order to divide it.

I learned this in grade nine math class,

but I was too busy staring at you to notice.

I attended all your shows,

sat silently while you shredded the stage.

I waited for you with roses,

as you surged through a mob of screaming girls,

sometimes, you wouldn't even notice me.

"Will you read this poetry?

I wrote it for you."

My feeble attempt batted away like a fly.

You were filled with more important things than I;

the only thing I was important for

was being filled by you.

It's called a relationship

because it's a voyage of relating,

an odyssey to the ends of the earth

battling demons and monsters just to find home.

You can't crew a boat alone.

Now, someone new shadows my life

with all the adoration I pleaded for,

and yet, I find myself void, empty,

unable to return a smile with a kiss,

unable to wrap my arms around him in the same way holds me

to form a perfect circle of unending eternity.

I suppose I'm afraid.

And as he pushes to shower me with affection,

I press my body against the door

and push the other way,

disregarding both our fingers

will be crushed in this fray.

It's called a relationship

because it's real.

It's not a fairy tale of princes on horses.

It will fracture your heart.

It will abandon you out at sea.

Are you sure you want me?

The End

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