Rebuilding Babel

A credo format, from a poetry book I had made some time ago as an assignment. I was fond of this and a few others, so I will post them to fill the void that is currently my shiny, empty new profile. I've made this collaborative, though as I have absolutely no idea what this means, I can only hope whatever happens in result works out in the end for the better. ...I do wish I could make the text look less bulky, bold and angry though.

I believe...


I believe in the futility of life

The truth beyond our understanding

The meaning forever unresolved

The greater reality just out of reach, and

The freedom to reach anyway

Building, Growing, Rising.


I can't let futility be a reason to

Not try my hardest.


I believe in the process of humanity

I believe in the gift of unimportance

I believe in an elegant universe

Unity, the Greater Good, Persistence.


I believe in living in true dedication

To the beauty of mankind.

The End

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