This is about change, new beginnings, all about trying to better yourself.

I got this idea when I was waiting for my laptop to restart one day so here's what came of the idea.

Restarting, restarting
Refreshing, restoring my body clocks
Return to my factory settings
Wait while I recharge
Realigning all of my chakras

Readjust, rearrange
Reconstruct myself for a brand new day
Redevelop, reformation
Out with the old, and in with the new information

Reappear and repair, renew a new me
Recreate myself, it's hard not to hate myself
Excuse me while I rectify what is wrong with me

Recollect all my shattered thoughts
Reshuffle my thoughts
And put them back in the deck
Refurbish my old suits and remove whatever I don't use

Recover from all these mental surgeries
Just let me recuperate
As I let out all these repressed feelings

Just let me rehabilitate, recondition my soul
It takes time to be happy in a new place
Just retain and retake
'Cuz it always takes time to get used to heartbreak

This is rebirth, I'm reborn, so I can relive again
Resurrect, Resuscitate
Try to resist all the pain and heartache
From the love that you've lost
Replace all of your hate
Rekindle former warm emotions

I'm so emotional, reunify me, myself and I
A reunion for 1, a reunone, reunited

Revive, Revitalize, refuel
Refill my fuel to survive
Replenish my soul
And recapture all my lost hope
Restructure all my broken bones
Revamp and retrieve all that was lost from me

Revolve and evolve, renovate all my interior walls
And get rid of this inferiority complex
Remold my soul
So I can have something nice to show

I'm going back to rehab
I'll re-enter the room
So I can re-detox and reorganize myself too

Rewind and rewrite all this poetry
Reprint it and sell it to everybody
Let them see what's underneath
I am really unhappy, just take a breath and pause
Reverse and play a rerun
If you din't get it the first time, then let me rephrase
It's just a poem at the moment
But in time it'll be more than a poem

Reasses and realize that all of your stress
Has taught you to see,
It's important to sit back and observe what the world is offering
To every action there's a reaction
And every time you can always react differently

Sometimes I feel pretty and sometimes I don't
But I don't like this poem, I think it's pretty bad
This poem's pathetic, it's poetic pathetic, it's pathetically poetic
But I think it defines me
So won't you come and find me
Give me an award or reward me
For sharing with you this poetic rhapsody

The End

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