Reason 2 Wake

I can not caress the clouds, I can not take them in hand
to travel this dark and shattered land.
I can not dilute my soul in waters touch
The winds fingers do not sooth my pain
For my wishes will not stop this rain.
No matter how much I scream her name..
For I can not converse with these walls of white...
Sheets have no warmth in the dead of night
The Empty spaces can not laugh at my expense
I can not stare in awe of a nothing smile.
The stars do not reflect the truth as her eyes would do.
So I dwell in this endless wake
Steeped in dew and heartbreak.
The world should not be able to walk away
And take with it the light of day
For my sorrowful eyes can not light my way.
For my world was destroyed yesterday...
The day she was the dawn,
Here one Moment
Then Gone...
Now just give me 1 reason
a reason 2 wake...

The End

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