Realize the Damn TruthMature

Heartbreakers can come with me to Hell

I need to see the bitch’s sad look she wears so well

You could have enforced your “stop”

I want to jump off the building, ending in a plop

Why do you do this to me?

Tranquil, confident, with this pain of you my heart will never be

I don’t want our memories to be forgotten

But she’s shaking my coffin

I can’t rest

Until you realize what’s best

You have to recognize I’m the best damn thing

If you let me go, I’m what you’re missing

You let her invade your personal bubble

Happens again, I’m going to be big trouble

Options are available to a girl like me

A scene, a definite queen your eyes have ever seen

I hate it when you go out and I stay in

Then start a conversation with your wanna-be girlfriend

You try to join me in you and hers conversation

Yet you don’t bring her afraid of instigation

So don’t tell me what to do without good cause

I’ll end up sticking her in the eyes with my claws

You’re not going to taste my lips of mint

You’re going to fess up and explain what you meant

Maybe just maybe

A second chance will be given for you and me

The End

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