I wrote this poem from the POV of someone in a Natzi-ish situation. He has realized that what he has done is wrong and he is punished for standing his ground.

Welcome few to perfect view of my demise

Where every eye is wary by what I advise

To all of them who did pretend that I'd revise

You will see that I was right to realize

My story is not here for you to justify

But to understand the ways of how to mollify

What has been wronged and rightly vocalize

The opinion of yours that is greatly disguised

I tried to stand with those of you who victimize

I couldn't help but notice that we all comprise

Of what we loathe and often try to minimize:

The unchangeable ability to realize

I wanted to know the terms of every compromise

To unwind the clue of all essential exercise

And to remedy Man's folly and internalize

Hopes of others' than of those who vandalize

My will was shaken when they came to utilize

Their new and improved tactic of compromise

To hush my voice and hopefully maximize

Support for the cause they intended to idolize

I stood, till the death, my ground opposing genocide

willing every soul to be washed in the tide

of penance for their awful deeds of homicide

and to open their eyes and hearts to realize

The End

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