Reality Lost Its Grip Today

Facial features melting away
Within a mirror’s liquid surface
Reality lost its grip today
No longer does it encompass

The kitchen, for example, whose sides are turned around
I’m standing on the floor, yet completely upside down
As fan blades spin a hole within
The ceiling reveals a void
Any colors near now disappear
All light, at once, destroyed

Flames extinguished by invincible shadow
This absurdity is quite possible now
As my melting senses seem to flow
Like freezing currents of what was snow

The walls and floors breathe in spiraling waves
Stillness prohibited to exist
Straight lines won’t cease to twist
Motion is all that this strange order craves
If stagnation, then the function caves

And this graph of madness would display oblivion
No dimensions for the mind to ever rest upon
So this living pattern must always continue
For senses to have a medium to sense through

Well, to find yourself here, anyway
Must mean that this is where you’ll stay
I tripped and fell along the way
Where reality lost its grip today

The End

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