Why can't you accept your defeat?

Do you not want to admit to yourself that I'm more of a Homosapien than you?

Stop rambling about how you rule your 'world'

Just shut your mouth!

All the nonsense shit coming from your mouth

You know who you are, I'm calling you out to the clear

You're the attention whore, isn't this what you would want?

Who the fuck are you now?

It's true, you're dead; you don't matter anymore

Check back into reality and see that I have you smoked and you're in my old ash tray

You're gonna disappear like a dollar on a stripper stage

Yea, I may have done worse things than you, but it was to myself

Not to others around me

I've paid my price and you have an IOU

Duct tape your mouth shut

I'm not going to be your classic, predictable, weak case

I'm not stooping to your level

Come back to reality and know this:

No one will remember you for you're popularity

The End

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