How do you smile when the person next to you weeps?

Is it that you do not see them or maybe that you don’t care?

Maybe it’s just the fact that you see them less than you?


Why do you laugh?

Laugh at danger, despair and heartache?

Is it because you seek cheap thrills?

Perhaps it is just the fat that your heart is quite simply, not a heart?

When do you take the time to pray or aid the dying, weeping and broken?

Always? Sometimes? Never? Rarely?


What if you could

Heal a person?

What if you could

Draw out sorrow?

What if you could

Vanquish anger?

What if you could

Bring a smile to a face full of tears?

What if you could

Take back a cruel word?

What if you could

Mend heartache?


The truth is we can’t do this,

Any of this.

Try as we might we never have,

Nor will we ever!
This is the unchanging truth or the harsh world we live in.

The End

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