You can't run away from reality. You may dream of something new, wish for something new, and pray for something new. All you will get is reality

Run, run, run into the fields
No one near me, no one close
Look up to the holy heavens
Scream until five days have passed
When I'm horse I'll finally stop

Disappear into my room
Blankness engulfing, darkness surrounding
Let my tears fall down slowly
All for worthless, pitiful reasons
Until I can't cry no more

Find myself a wooden box
Pretty as can be, done so lovely
First I place my emotions in side
Then I close it, lock it, hide it
And throw the key into the sea

Now I go on a journey
Far away, somewhere lonely
Don't dare tell a soul
Leave no clues behind
I don't want to be found

But you ran after me!
Entered my field!
Restored my tears!
Swim for my key!
Found me!

Or at least you did
Before I wake up
From such a wonderful dream
Thinking that you would do that
For little for old me

It's cruel as can be
I much rather sleep
All the days away
Then face
Cruel, harsh, reality

The End

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