When life passes you by,

In the blink of an eye--

When the world has become black,

You find no hope for what you lack.


When the skies depart from you,

And destroy all that you do,

Will you run for cover then?

Or will you find a better heaven?


When the grasses become short,

When the bleakness ruins your fort,

Where will you go, what will you do?

Humanity may depend on you.


What do you feel when you see a child,

Do you sense the taste of life, sweet and mild?

Or will you turn your head back,

And foresee all you have to track?


What about this hell on Earth?

Will you stay to watch the rebirth,

Of a world we might just lose,

Because we never learned to choose?


The right and wrongs of city life,

The decisions that cause strife--

The death and lives of humans at war,

The loss of children galore,

Is this the peace we always asked for?

Or is this the sad reality, of which we swore?

The End

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