Being real
and being me
that would be
what i call free.
Living in a world
and being my own self
instead of being hurled
into hating myself.
It's this song i want to belt.
This feeling i once felt.
It's the voice i know
inside of me.
It screams.
Turn my life into my dreams
dreams are not themes
for my existence.
They could be tales of my persistence.
And, if these trials of my existence
and tales of my persistence
do not prevail
in this race to show you the true me
then, please.
Read these words off this sheet
which ring no truer
nor prouder
in saying that
you have only made me cloudier.
I am harder for the world to see.
You have only fogged their view of me.
So in reality?
What is real,
and, what is me,
may not be what you see.
But, I'm not too concerned
you see,
because I am me.
And, if you don't believe it
then so be it.
Because what you see as free
and what you seem to want to be
is nothing more than a fallacy
based on normality.
You strive for conformity,
but sweetie that's not for me you see
So, I'll live my own life
and I'll do my own thing.
Look, you're welcome to do the same
or you can continue to cling
onto what you think
will get you through
but if it's not true to you
it's your own teeth you'll be lying through.
And, when you fall
I wont be there to rescue you.

The End

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