Who do you want to be?

Jump in with a spoken word, but make sure it asks a question

Who am I going to be?

Well, it's in the hands of god

I'm going to be a preacher

I can't be something if there isn't anything to be

I'm going to be a solipsist

Why can't I be me?

I'm going to ask the real questions

From the moment we thought fire trucks were the coolest thing on the planet, and that mommy and daddy would never come to pass, we were asked "who do you want to be when you grow up?"

So, many children grew up with the ideology of "you can't be yourself, you have to grow into something different"

That is to say that changing yourself from who you truly are is part of growing up. That is to say that as this beard grows around my chin, I must envelop the personality of a "mature adult"

Who's job is it to define the proper mannerisms of a mature adult. If 90% of mature adults threw temper tantrums because they got cut off on the highway (oh wait...) would temper tantrums be considered a normal part of the life of an adult

Stop asking your kids who they want to be

Ask them who they are

The End

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