Fear of Love

My mind is undecided--
I hate it when it is,
it makes me feel divided
when life is but a bliss.

I know I love you deeply
and wish to caress you so,
but my mind looks away cheekily 
easily letting go.

Perhaps it is my fear of losing
the endless battle of love,
but I can't put away the feeling
that I'm just scared of the above.

Don't misunderstand please,
because I want you forever,
just know that I am scared of this
because you're my true lover--

but know that I can't stop us,
that it's gone in so deep,
and ignore this stupid fuss
that forces me to lose sleep.

I love you now and always,
and though I plead with you
to never leave me heartless,
I can't live without you too. 

The End

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