Put it back together again

in the dark a million gems stand out

dancing and burning into my eyes

the neon words marking burger joints

the headlights and tail lights streaming

and reflectors on the trucks screaming careful! 

and the reflectors on the trucks screaming watch out!


in the passenger seat you cry and scream and yell

I just know that in a few moments

you'll seize the wheel and all that's solid

will be dashed on the side of that truck

with the shiny reflectors screaming careful!

with all the shiny reflectors screaming watch out!


we're taking a magical ride to the shiny squeaky place

with bright lights and nurses and doctors and pills

but we're on a dark highway and the trucks close in

all over the dark highway I watch the trucks close in

with their glinting reflectors screaming careful!

with their shining reflectors screaming watch out!


somehow I thought I could help you

you were the scattered pieces of a childs jigsaw puzzle

and my clumsy hands put the pieces upside down and over

somehow I thought I could fix you up real clever

reach out and put humpty back together again

reach out and put mommy back together again

The End

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