Hide the Pointy Things

The clichés crawl in many lines, pouring
Out of my eyes and ears, and I think
Maybe out my nose, but I'm
Really not here enough to tell

You are speaking, then crying, and I 
Can hear yelling too, so I know
That you're clutching your
Head and pacing around and thinking too much

I do my best to keep the pointy things very
Far away and hidden so you will be 
Safe, good, healthy, and stay alive for 
Many more years, just because I told you to

Years ago in a parked car outside that
Crappy fast food restaurant I remember
You were screaming at me about something
That doesn't mean anything anymore

Years ago I was lost and floating in numbers and
Lines that had to be parallel and you scooped 
Me up and carried me away from
All the noise and frustration and chaos.

Many years ago I was little and you made me
Cry very much because you were lost also
Only now that I'm older I can see
You need someone to scoop you up.

Copyright © Kelsey Williams 2010.

The End

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