Ready For Worse

How much do we expect from life?We have friends and loved ones but do they really make our life cheerful?How are we supposed to behave when nobody really understands that our smile is fake but we are not. We just hope that one day life would be better. We should think for the best but Be Prepared for the worse!

I saw a dream,actually a Nightmare,

What did it mean?Should I fear?

I panicked when someone said "It's a bad omen",

Then I decided,"okay,I am ready!Let it happen".


I left my home prepared for the bad day,

For everything one does,one has to pay.

The day started with a bad weather,I knew it before,

Whatever was going to hurt me today,I was not sure.


Oh!I gave a horrible exam,I some how expected that,

But still I managed to smile,the day wasn't so bad,

Then my eyes met a friend's who used to be close,

Our strong bond broke so easily,how?no one knows.

I walked toward his group,expecting something he would say,

He did me a favour,stepped aside and gave me way.


I covered the pain and walked to my partner witha fake happiness,

Even my closest companion could not understand my loneliness,

He was so close still he was so far,

With the nightmare I was fighting a silent war.


When Finally I was with myself,all sorrows started to pour

It made me weak and ruined my heart to its core,

Finding some optimism,I removed my hand from my head,

To greet another nightmare,with a smile I went to bed.


The End

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