Read it or weep

About a girl and to other girl messing with people then a song put together

A young girl named Lucy. Lucy watched a movie that inspire her to write. This other girl name Baddest girl ever everybody wanted to be like her. There are two other girls who always follow her. There names are the two terrible girls from England. I see you one day they won't to be friends the next day they want to rip out your heart . come on I was ready for this séances I was cradin! Put my name on the list you want to gamble not going to leave with just this with taking everything . Catch me if you can I'm like a bandaid I can pull off my feet I can't stand it I don't dance in a group I commanded it. We give you more than you can handle it where when we're out on the floor will take over the ball telling the show we're going to leave you in all when we're coming up when you're coming up we're going to leave you in awe you can't stop us now. You can't shut us down you can't top this sounds better get ready now we're going to tear you down. The looks we got em the moles we got em the style you got em we going to tear it down the love we got them the crowd we own it tonight we're going to run it come i coming in so hard I'm on my a game don't disperse the area I'm like a heavy weight yeah I got this so far I'm going to read it free games a game heavy weight again piece of cake I can't do this game with you my eyes close .

The End

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