Reaching Out

Is there no such thing as innocence any longer?

Words hurt, a single hit stings, and a lie is betrayal

Why can’t we see this earth is not a home?

No one is safe in a crumbling home

Every night I have cried over this madness

This extreme sadness is causing suffocation

No one can bear to breathe one more breath while aware that another has none left

My heart throbs with the torture that others are forced to face

Why does there have to be all this popular lunacy?

What causes others to bring humility in their everyday peers?

If it were up to me I would never bring an alien to visit Earth

Then E.T would be diagnosed with depression

Roaming this world and seeing the wicked at every corner it’s like running in circles

Shameless and heinous like the devil himself

We have to admit he is winning this battle

If we don’t how can we stand up against this insanity that plagues us?

In my blood I would write “why” on my arm

Girls and boys who face that same feeling for any reason, you are not alone

I too was fleeing hope,

But when I held out I found someone and that person’s love kept me alive

You may feel like you have nothing left to lose, but you have a lot to lose

When you think it is a good time to slice it short when you are young and beautiful,

It means someone is waiting to help you soon

If I had kept going…I wouldn’t have been here to tell you this:

“We can fight, we may fall and we may not

But we know for sure we are watched by our angels”

Those who suffer from the influence and the torture of abuse of any form…

We fight for you so you don’t feel that time to take that knife

We are young….which means we have a ready heart to stop this

The End

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