Razorblade Romance


When you have no lover to call your own,

When you are waiting to reap what you’ve sown,

When you just want to end it all

When you are sure you don’t want to live another day

Razorblade Romance can save you today.

Only a little cut, first base if you will,

Don’t worry it’ll only hurt a little not kill,

You’ll feel so different and strange

When nothing else will come through

Razorblade Romance will be there for you.

Cut a bit deeper, second base a new feeling

A sensation that’s sure to keep you reeling

Elated and so relieved this is great!

When life hurts you and makes you cry,

Razorblade Romance is always close by.

Cut more than one place, third base has fame

Bleeding more but it doesn’t feel the same

But why not cut a bit more it can’t hurt that bad

When you feel like you’re wasting away,

Razorblade Romance will save the day.

Cut too deep looks like you’re going all the way

Unfortunately today is not your lucky day,

You cut into an artery and are bleeding bad

But maybe that what’s best for you to leave

And hopefully to a better afterlife cleave

You’ve punched your ticket and your problems are gone away

So maybe, just maybe, Razorblade Romance really did save you today.

The End

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