Raw Emotion

I lay here, thinking,
But I can’t, I have only one thought,
A thought that has become like a drug to me,
Something I cannot live without,
Something that gives sustenance in only a way this thought can
It plagues my every thoughts,
From my first breath in the morning,
To the closing of my thoughts at night,
The same thought remains there,
Never changing, always the same.

This thought is not a haunting one however,
It is one of peace, beauty,
Utter complacency,
This thought reminds me of sunshine,
Birds singing,
Of rain in the summer,
And how it brings that sweetness with it,
This thought makes my heart beat like a racing gazelle in the savannah
But at the same time it seems to make it go so slowly I can hardly move.
It freezes my every nerve, almost as if speeding up everything up around me,
Speeding it up so much that everything becomes a blur.
This thought makes me nervous and my hands start sweating,
My mind goes blank, the past seems like it didn’t exist,
An amnesiac effect.

This thought is you,
From the moment I saw you,
That was all I could see,
Everything now seems senseless,
Nothing next to you .

Life with you in it!
The beauty of a rose,
Or the sunset reflected on the water,
Or the never ending savannahs,
Or the ocean and its soothing sound,
The patter or rain, relaxing and tranquil,
The soft touch of a flower buds,
The smile of a child as she looks up to her mother,
And sees her love for her,
The pride in a father as his son catches his first fish,
The scenic beauty of nature,
The good times that I hoped would never end,
That feeling of ecstasy when I feel happy and alive,
These are the good things in life,
But what use are they to me without you!

The End

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