The viewpoint of a victim of repeated sexual abuse.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,

I screamed and wept as I was pinned-

To the pews, under your roving hands,

To be condemned to hellish lands.

I'm sorry Miss Teacher,

For sobbing as though I was hurt,

When your painted nails went up my skirt.

Please don't make me fail again,

I promise not to show the aching pain.

Mister Boss, I need the work,

I won't stop your stares as they lurk-

On my body, unashamed,

After all, I am to be blamed. 

My soul has long died, I will follow,

As integrity becomes weak and hollow.

I mean nothing, a worthless form,

Lost to my inner storm.

These scars are mine, and mine to bear,

I won't complain again,

I swear. 

The End

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