I thought this piece should show a bit of me to start off. Let your randomness shine.

Space, the final frontier

Or at least besides the ear

However that would be quite queer

To go exploring in one's ear

While others sit and drink their beer

And others sit and wait to cheer

I will enjoy my friend the meer(kat)

From childish days who's always stayed near

Although, a slight pain in the rear

But what else could one expect from a peer

As long as he helps out with the gear

But he's not my favorite buccaneer

now that's a man who's sits on the tier

And who still wonders about that deer

Who gives his soul something to fear

Then wakes up to find nothing to hear

To him, I joke, and laugh, and jeer

As I read the story of King Lear

next to sheep that will be shear(ed)

What a great way to spend a year

The End

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