An ode to a sister

My cry startled you,

The day you first came to meet.

 I was more than a sister,

A bundle of joy,you said, The bond between us sealed.

Growing up was fun with you,

I'd always get a sneak preview. ]

Where elders forbade me to tread,

You were always nearby, To take me there Instead.

 I've never said this, Ive never felt this way before.

Your arms,were my cocoon,my comfort,my warmth,

 The touch with a healing power,

Till the day away from home you soared.

With just memories and mails to cherish,

The bond between us forever unperished.

Laughing and giggling, hugs and kisses,

Secrets and juiciest gossip exchanged,

My world was back, just as i had wished

The End

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