Gunfire,Lathi-charge,Terror widespread,

Is Violence the path upon to be tread?

 Maiming many lives,crippling many others,

 The ugly head of violence raised,in fear the world shudders.

For every issue insignificant and mundane,

With human blood are city streets stained.

Every weapon in the arsenal brought on,

The dark shadow of self-destruction looms around.

Terrifying,sleepless nights,days filled with fear,

Will ever the wrinkles of worry and pain disappear?

 Claiming innocent lives isn't a solution to any problem,

Elimination of weeds is the key, from where such events stem.

Understanding goes farther than lessons learnt taught with a cane,

Terror infusion & massacres in the end, will all be in vain

Life's greatest battles haven't been resolved on the battlefield,

as history's clearly shown,

Violence isn't the answer to hatred,Its Love and peace alone.

The End

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