Nay, I want no riches, no wheels,

Just a loving roof above my head, a floor beneath my heel.

I crave for no money, no luxuries at my will,

A little of strength, please, to get me thro' this grill.

A loner, a leper, in the crowd,

A silent, stoic cry in the world so loud.

The nursed, burdened with my presence,

Deprived me company into the last days of my existence.

Abandoned me in a home for the aged,

Helpless, peniless, I am here caged.

Smiles and love as stony as the wall,

Towards my end as i slowly crawl.

The very one, whose looked after did I every need,

Turned a deaf ear to my innumerable pleas.

Who took the first step, holding my hand,

For whom, laid out had I, a future well-planned.

In his eyes, the future didn't hold me a place.

I was a blotch on his life, an utter disgrace.

Pain like a knife searing thro my heart,

Heady ruthlessness that tore me apart.

Deprived me of the simple joys of old age,

Dealt out crelt for no reason, which I can gauge.

A home to call my own, a family to belong to,

Will he deprive me of my right to live to?

The End

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