Memories Of you

As you slowly fade away, into unknowing dark,
Moments with you, near my heart lark.
Grieving, happy, loving times,
"Forever with you",
Echo, the words like chimes.

I long for those hours of tender love,
Cuddling together on a cloud, far above.
Your hands in mine,
Life's challenges put on hold,
As we let between us, care unfold.

All I have, are memories of you,
precociously guarded, lest away they flew.
My life's most precious treasure,
Love so boundlessly filled in them,
That simply hath it no measure.

Huddled up in a corner, as I relive,
Memories, bittersweet, yet hard to believe.
The light of my life,
Fading away before my very eyes.
I Bury my head and silently cry

The End

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