First HeartBreak

Into the darkness of the night,
As the starry sheath envelops.
Lain on my bed, tossing around,
Restless yet at peace.

In the comfort of this silence,
Voices throbbing inside me.
Urging me to listen to my heart,
Give wings to the love I feel.

Life's most precociously guarded secret,
Fear of disappointment surging like never before.
How I wish I could get this over with
To have you all to myself, to me alone.

Its so hard to tell you how I fel,
How life centered around you all the while.
How my heart skipped a beat or two.
How hurt etched into my mind, when you walked away.

I wish silently to relive each memory,
Memories that hold now, no meaning to you.
A place in your heart, a portion of your time,
Is all I live for today.

The End

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