Random Poetry pieces by Me!

Umm I kinda like writing poetry so, this is just about for that purpose!

Up,above,where shines the moon,
Millions of brilliant lights twinkling away.
Enveloping the sky in luminescence,
Under heavenly light as the trees sway.

Into the dull,silent night,
The leaves rustle a welcome.
As creatures so earthly,so fragile,
To sleep comfortably tuck away.

Enthralling beauty,Mesmerising light,
Cocooned into a world of their own.
Twinkling sprightly away to glory,
Upon the earthly beings and heavens alike.

Guiding from dusk into the break of dawn,
Averting harm in night's way.
Watching upon a universe fast asleep,
Upon small dreams in the worldly fray.

The End

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