Lost Joy - Another Sad Poem


My smile is faded and my heart dull;

My kind words gone and lost.

If I were to search this empty soul

I would find nought to help it.

Memories are false and without strength

and I trust them little;  I trust them not.

My dewy eyes were lit with hope,

and now they hurt and sting with lashes;

the sparkle gone.


You took my joy and held it in,

and doubled it with your interest.

But squandered thus, it leaked and flowed;

It went, it left, it fled.

But one soft glance from your velvet eyes,

One sweet smile from your ready lips,

One flash of teeth, one lift of brow

It would return, I know, I know.


My love, my soul, my spirit split

and spilled and lost and given.

I will not plead, or ask or wail,

I will not call,.

I must not yield.

I will be strong and and closed.

The End

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