More Random Sad Poems


Taken by a dream,

Captive held and made to want and made to wish

Made to hope

When hoping is hopeless

And but a death, a stain of failure

Stinking and dragging down

Down down lower sinking into sadness so it’s only

Further away


Wish I didn’t dream

Wish I didn’t want

Dream instead of being content


Unchallenged by false hope and dreams

Of things I’ll never have



No hope but this

For no bitterness

For dreamless sleep and rest

I want

To not want



Come find me, I walk the furthest shore,

Wandering where the wind cannot reach,

In stillness I wait on the endless beach.

Weighing grains in hands, sands run no more,

No place to go, not behind, not before.

I have sipped the juice of the heavenly peach,

Afraid, alone, I can't traverse the breach,

The slow river dammed will no longer pour.

Held in silence, no breath, I'm changeless,

Confined and constant, measuring no beat.

Once warm, once violent with life now less

Than nothing, and still I have no retreat.

Futile and grasping, I'll make you ageless

Come find me, forever incomplete.

The End

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