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Love and Hate

The study of emotion, a universal quest.

Requires all ones devotion, a labor without rest.

But as for those two feelings,

For which no full answer can be found.

To try and find the hidden truth,

There is no steady ground.


I can feel the jest emanating form her voice,

Tearing through my soul as the agony continues on.

Fearing everything but the end of this torturous life,

Yet knowing the painful times are just beginning.

Though thankful I become as the merciless goddess works on,

For the lesson it teaches me of my self righteous fault.

Never trust a Demon….

Ache in Memories

"As time passes by without relief of this tiring feeling of weakness, i find no consolidation 'cept for the sparce outbursts of  rage mingled with a strange addreneline that posesses me when in danger... Even I, who have become familiar with the power fear the potential for destruction and harm that comes over me when in such phases. But I feel that soon i will have lost all control over the posession, unwillingly freeing a monster more powerful than the very concept of logic, stronger than the very substance of my lone soul..."


Pain the narcotic of cynics and sadists
Fear the purpose of life for all deamed wise
Envy the mortal substance by which manipulaters crave
Greed the butler of the damned and ignorant
Rage the crucifix of all who are in agony....

The End

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