Sometimes it’s hard,
To change for someone else.

Sometimes, however,
It’s best to know how.

But you, my friend,
Are a different case.

I met you,
And I started falling,
And still, I am falling.

Falling into your trap.

You didn’t mean to, dear,
But you did.

And I am still adapting to this new way.

Because you, my dear, have changed me.

But, dearest,
Since then,
Things have gone.

Gone from us,
Although there is no us,
And never will be,
Things have gone.

Because you, my dear have changed.

And you,
You think everything is fine.

But you, my dear, have changed.


Everything changes.

It is life,
But when you don’t want change,
It won’t be accepted.

But one day, change will come.

You my dear have changed me.

But you, my dear, have changed.

The End

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