The Light

The moon glistened off the Welsh relic -
The castle ruins were set to glow -
As a sudden lightning bolt shot down,
Hard-backed trees were in for a show.
Those gate-keep dragons and flying fish
Prepared the time for scales to shine;
After all, they had their part to play,
So hoped that they would not go blind.
Cloud draws back, crowd draws breath,
And the centuries unfold:
The time has come to watch the night,
As the hands of day it moulds.
A cast moonbeam from subtle sphere,
Reflected onto the windows of glass;
Yes, soon the world was set alight
By the very beauty of the past.
The patterns laugh and jump and play,
They circle the creatures of the lake.
For one moment everything will stand still,
Transfixed by all that time can make.

The End

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