Writing in the 'mature' branch... about my personal dragon!

Using your head
leads to sensible solutions
that provide for your needs
and protect your emotions.

And living your life
by following your heart
brings only dissappointment
that will rip you apart.

All logic and reason
and positive intentioning,
as a guide for your life
are not even worth mentioning.

The only true way to
find contentment inside;
forget everything else
let your dick be your guide.  

Your penis can guide you
to moments of bliss
with unthinking desire
for a strangers first kiss.

The words of “I love you”
are so often mistaked,
but the throbbing desire
of a cock can’t be faked.  

So don’t lie to that girl
that you just started dating
saying sex isn’t important
and you don’t mind waiting,

if the last guy she dated
tried that manipulative trick,
she just may reward you
by sucking your dick!

The End

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