The Good Deed

How can you say what morality is?

Individuality is autonomous,

Stepping down from the non-religious,

Where theonomy has lost the more of us...

What is truth when the world revolves?

Denominations split by sense,

All fighting for teleology,

In the end, it comes to precedents;

Who can say which one is 'good'?

The fightings, Christians or knights,

Upholding lies on differing eyes,

It being said contained throughout nights.

Where does the law remain?

When they argue to nowhere,

Marching their wars of contradiction

Into a land so very bare.


There is no best deed,

Nullum summum bonum,

Created for our blessed life,

As everything is gone,

'Most loving' remains relative,

Shown not through pleasant eyes,

There is no Good Deed in our streets,

There, agape will be despised.

The End

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