Random Feelings

Feelings... what's more to say.

Yeah I know I'm a sinner

You don't have to hold it over my head.

You keep telling me where to walk

Even though you know well that I am dead.

I toss, turn and cry in my bed.

Hoping that you would just take back

The hard words that you have said.

Yeah I know I'm a sinner

I know it well.

You don't have to remind and 

Don't need to tell.

About your death, you were dead

Sacrificed, you for me.

How painful the melody.

You have paid my fine

I have nothing more to atone.

You have all of me

My life is no longer my own.

It is yours forever

To mold, to change and define.

How terrifying, this divine.

Yet I keep my toe to the line.

I know you're the truth

And that truth makes this so damn hard.

That I fear your light

And would rather walk in the dark.

I know you're the truth

And that makes me cry in the night.

Because I'd rather live a lie

Than be made to serve and to die.

The End

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