I wasn't born ugly

Nobody ever was

Objective beauty aside

I thank our world

The one I currently

Help shape, by non-action

As well as action, if i so choose

Faithlessness be the

Freedom of the damned

Yet in this suffocation

While I search for

Forsaken identity

I see in reflection fragmented

How ugly I've become

How I've turned

How I let them

I let myself


I wasn't born ugly

But its what I am

What we all are

Consumerist aesthetic propogated

Innocence naught but guilt

Given measure

I find myself

Tainted by logic sans moral

Ugly... so very ugly

Hope abandoned at

An age far too young

But no one said life would be easy

No one said we'd be beautiful

So I go on... we go on

No one fights it, no one can

Ugly... its how we live

                 How life made us

                             How we make life



The End

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